We’ll get your products found on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means optimising your products and website for Google search, using strategies like keyword targeting and content marketing. We’ll work with you (without the jargon) to help your business get found (and stay) on Google and Bing.

Our SEO strategy will increase your store’s organic traffic.

SEO without the right product, service, or marketing strategy will be doomed to fail. As a minimum that means we need to work closely with you to develop an ecommerce SEO strategy that will add value to your end customers. It may even mean optimising your online ecommerce business model itself in order to deliver what searchers want.

We get to know your ecommerce business to craft your SEO plan.

Every ecommerce business is different. We’re experienced and skilled at crafting SEO plans for all industries, including home and decor, clothing and fashion, food and drink, and more.

If you have an existing ecommerce store, our first step is always to conduct an SEO audit where we’ll take a close look at your ecommerce store and online marketing presence to understand:

  • where you are going wrong and how we can fix it
  • what you are doing right, and how we can improve your returns from search engines.

Most importantly, we grow your sales through our SEO.

Achieving rankings on Google is not a dark art and we take pride in making the ins and outs understandable for our clients. We’ll share a clear step-by-step program of work with you and then execute on it to grow your ecommerce sales by getting you found online by potential customers.

Here’s how we’ll help increase your store’s organic traffic.

Here are some of the ways that we help our clients to set a strategy and improve their rankings on Google:

Website Health Check

Is your ecommerce website up to scratch? This health check will highlight if your website is not performing as well as it should. We look at the underlying code of your site together with the structure and content.

Back-link Profile

Do you know who is linking to your website and who you are linking to? Are they good quality, secure, Google approved sites? It’s very important to regularly audit your backlinks and remove any low quality, potentially damaging links.


What key terms should you be using? We’ll work with you to identify the keyword opportunities for your products and business and how to set up your topics, clusters, and pillar pages. We identify regularly searched terms that relate to your products and recommend the best terms to use.


From product copy to blogging, our content writers will work with you to shape your ecommerce website’s content to contain the recommended keywords. Our writers are experts in creating keyword-rich copy that resonates with your specific target audience and feels natural to read while performing well in organic search results.

Attracting Visitors

Our team of inbound consultants work with you to profile your potential customers. From there we create a content strategy. This is effectively a writing plan, which details what blogs, articles, videos, and landing pages you need to write in order to hit your goals. Additionally, if you would like us to write content for you, our team of writers are on hand to help you.

Analytics and Optimisation

Is it working? The key to successful SEO is to regularly measure your activity. How many sales came from organic traffic? How many visitors did your latest blog article generate? We use Google Analytics to monitor your site and content so you can see the results we’re achieving. Our SEO work never finishes, we’ll constantly refine and make improvements to your store to better optimise for Google search.

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We can take your ecommerce business from concept to conversion, no matter what stage of the journey you're at.

Migrate to Shopify

Full turnkey service to successfully migrate your store from any other platform to Shopify. We handle everything for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Store Build or Redesign

Get your ecommerce store up and running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to completely custom solutions for your existing business or business idea.

Email Marketing

Supercharge your ecommerce store with email marketing automation. Drive repeat revenue and increase user engagement. Successful ecommerce stores prioritise email.

Ecommerce SEO

Drive organic traffic to your ecommerce store by optimising your product pages for Google search. We'll help you rank on Google.


Facebook Ads

We leverage Facebook data to create a scalable, high-return, revenue-generating advertising strategy for your ecommerce store. 


Content Marketing

Create an amazing customer experience through a content strategy for your ecommerce store. Keep your customers engaged.

Our partners help us grow your business online.

Ready to grow your business online?

Our team of Irish ecommerce experts is eager to meet you. Request your free consultation and we'll start preparing for our call right away.